Therapy for Entrepreneurs, Partners, & Teams

Your thoughts create your reality.

Neuroscience research consistently demonstrates that our beliefs mediate nearly every aspect of our lives, from how we deal with challenges to how we approach interpersonal conflicts to whether or not we reach our goals. We have tremendous power to determine the course and quality of our lives when we honestly examine the unconscious forces that shape our belief systems and bring them under our conscious control.

Who We Serve

Business Partners & Co-Founders

Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Teams, Investors, & Boards

Our Therapy Specialties

Using a unique synthesis of evidence-based optimal psychology, cognitive restructuring, and somatic and experiential modalities, we offer entrepreneurs, partners, and teams an unparalleled approach to complex individual and interpersonal issues.


We integrate optimal psychology and traditional therapy techniques backed by research and based on 15 years of experience in the industry.

Cognitive Restructuring Tools

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is proven to rewire your neural pathways, changing the way you experience and relate to every aspect of your life. 

Somatic & Experiential Modalities

Reconnect with your intuition and reclaim your vitality using somatic and experiential modalities that get you out of your head and into your body.

Research-based methods that work.

Our cross-disciplinary methods synthesize research-based techniques from fields ranging from traditional psychology to peak performance and flow neuroscience to time-tested spiritual practices that are demonstrating empirical efficacy. 

Therapy can help.

Rewire Your Neural Pathways

Our research-based methods are proven to rewire your neural pathways, changing the way you experience yourself, others, and the challenges you face.

Reprogram Your Mindset

Your mindset influences every aspect of your life. Reprogram your irrational thoughts and  self-limiting core beliefs to rediscover your vitality, passion, and  joie de vivre.

Remove Unconscious Roadblocks

When we ignore elements of our experience, unconscious forces can begin driving your behavior behind the scenes. Remove unconscious roadblocks to reach your limitless potential.