Regenerative Entrepreneurship Consulting

Regenerative entrepreneurship is where business and social impact intersect. We focus on the double bottom line: where our profit and our impact are equally weighted goals.

The beauty of impact entrepreneurship is that it’s regenerative and creates a self-sustaining feedback loop of both impact and profit. Here’s how. 

In our experience, when an organization is focused exclusively or primarily on profit, the incentive structures are often out of alignment and this quickly leads to various gaps in integrity and equity, jeopardizing the culture, retention, and output. 

For organizations that are not aligned to a higher purpose, this is a near inevitability. People become expendable or jaded at worst, and at best, even high performers often lose inspiration over time and begin to compromise their ethics, creating a cut-throat culture in which employees are at odds with each other rather than inspired to work toward a shared vision that benefits everyone.

People act in accordance with their incentives. When incentives are aligned appropriately and empowerment, integrity, and higher purpose are valued as highly as profit, it’s a game-changer.

When an organization is tethered to a North Star––a mission that aims not only to benefit its members but also to achieve a deep and meaningful impact on humanity––that’s when the magic happens. 

This creates “structural integrity” within the organization, a robust and anti-fragile foundation that can not only withstand harsh blows and enormous “weight,” but is structured and oriented in such a way that it becomes more resilient and effective in the face of them. 

What’s more is when organizations are rooted in empowerment and aimed at a higher mission while also creating financial abundance for its members, it tends to garner people who are empowered, inspired, creative, and honest. 

This full-stack inspiration, integrity, and empowerment leads to multi-modal, self-reinforcing feedback loops in which the culture is regenerative and possesses a natural momentum. 

When people are working for something bigger than themselves and are also achieving financial incentives, their motivation stacks and self-reinforces. They are more productive, more driven, and more committed. They are more creative and purposeful with their work and their time. 

And people with a shared vision are more likely to work collaboratively and constructively with their team members, colleagues, and leadership. Unforeseen emergent properties arise from leveraging their collective intelligence.

An organization’s mission continuously refines, optimizes, and directs its army of people while at the same time, the people on the ground continuously refine, optimize, and direct the structure of the organization and hone its mission. There’s a natural, self-sustaining, transformational process that is both top down and bottom up. 

That’s why we call it Regenerative Entrepreneurship or Regenerative Business Consulting. We look at the “ecology” of an organization and how to create regenerative systems, both from the perspective of the psychology of the individuals and the larger systems, incentives, and structure.

By achieving structural integrity and creating regenerative systems, an organization can sustain the weight of the towering structures it aims to build and can soar to these heights more rapidly and with greater inspiration, imagination, and innovation. 

Our pioneering method, “Coherence Theory,” is as unique as it is all-encompassing. With expert consultants in traditional psychology, peak performance, impact entrepreneurship, and flow science, we examine individual, relational, behavioral, and missional “Coherence.”

As each of these foundational domains are brought into Coherence, it begins to stack and create accelerated personal and organizational transformation. We call this “Acceleration,” or sometimes just, “the magic.” 


This full-stack method compounds intrinsic motivation, meaning, resiliency, and vitality. The gains of this regenerative, multimodal system compound and create exponential social impact, financial abundance, and personal and organizational transformation. 

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