Regenerative Business Consulting

"Chaordic processes, or 'disruptions that allow for new order,' have shaped all life as we know it. How we respond to this time of disruption will determine what next version of us emerges."

–Jamaica Stevens

Play the infinite game.

Our collective evolution depends on creating a shared consciousness that designs and implements innovative, iterative, agile, and equitable systems to rapidly shift from the “finite game” of commodification, colonization, and compartmentalization to the “infinite game” that recognizes our radical interconnectedness, our wholeness, and our mutual responsibility.

Why regenerative?

Regenerative organizations are innovative, abundant, and antifragile, increasing their impact, longevity, and capacity to thrive.


Businesses that use regenerative principles are circular and dynamic, increasing their innovative and adaptive capacity and making them more likely to thrive in the long-term.


Systems that support empowered collaboration and aligned incentives create cultures of abundance in which organizations and individuals benefit simultaneously.


Regenerative organizations are not only robust and resilient in the face of adversity, but are “antifragile,” meaning they actually benefit and improve from challenges and stressors.


Discover your truest north.

Our Specializations

Organizational & Cultural Systems Design

  • Customized consulting on cultural and organizational design

  • Supporting groups through a series of processes to build the ethical foundations for communities or organizations

  • Specializing in Alignment Processes, Culture Maps, Tension Revelation, Social Governance, Decision Making Processes, Blueprint of We

Programmatic Development

  • Facilitating the design and development of content and curriculum for experiential learning, cultural events, working groups, summits, and programs

  • Leading groups through processes to identify the purpose and objectives of a program, build programmatic roadmaps, develop processes for curation, cultivate engagement strategies, and program management

  • Creating aligned, experiential programming to reflect organizational mission, vision, and values

Training in Circular Leadership & Dynamic Governance Development​

  • Providing training, best practices, and toolkits for implementing sociocracy, holacracy, dynamic governance, and participatory commons in groups, teams, organizations, and networks

  • Providing frameworks for embodying circular leadership and identifying processes and patterns to support the growth of social organisms that function as self-organizing, interdependent, and emergent ecosystems

Design Sprints & Accelerators

  • Using design sprints and accelerators to guide groups and teams to bring vision into implementation rapidly, skillfully, and effectively

  • Facilitating sessions to define purpose and mission, map resources, build roadmaps for project management including key milestones, goals, and OKR's

  • Establish functional teaming matrixes, and identify necessary tools and cadence to effectively launch initiatives or projects

Multi-Stakeholder Facilitation

  • Facilitating group’s discovery of needs, barriers, and opportunities while establishing common ground using the tenets of artful dialogue and reflective listening

  • Supporting key stakeholders to draw from collective intelligence to enhance clarity, effectiveness, mutuality, and cooperative relationships

Team Building & Leadership Development

  • Providing models and methodology to support wisdom driven organizations and circular leadership

  • Sharing best practices and essential principles to capacity build teams and leaders as a foundation for thriving collaborative relationships

Discover your truest north.