Our Methods

"Don’t be discouraged by the ordinary limitations of rational thought. The impossible is happening all around us." -Brooke Sprowl

Science + Sprituality

We see science and spirituality as sides of the same truth and explore how each can serve to you access new states of consciousness that expand your mastery.​

We synthesize cutting edge research with time-tested ancient spiritual practices to help you enhance your sense of spiritual connection, presence, and productivity.​

Self-discovery, relationships, business, and behavior are all spiritual. See how each of these holds up a mirror for how you can create Coherence and accelerate your transformation across every domain of your life. ​

Higher Purpose, Service, and Impact For Profit

Learn how to leverage your existing skills and resources to make a meaningful impact on the world and enhance your sense of joy and purpose.

Optimal Psychology, Flow, & Peak Performance

Optimal Psychology

We integrate optimal psychology techniques backed by research and based on 15 years of experience in the industry.


Enhance productivity, creativity, and performance by learning to access flow states on demand.

Peak Performance

Peak performance technology allows you to maximize your performance in work and play.

Somatic Intuition

Learn to access your inner knowing by connecting with your bodily wisdom

Reintegrate past trauma and rewrite your narratives to create a new experience of yourself and the world

As you reconnect with your body and your true self, rediscover your vitality, passion, and  joie de vivre

Kinesthetic Embodiment

Explore the power of movement in anchoring new states of being, transforming your consciousness, and deepening your self-awareness

Accelerated Transformation

Experience how Coherence in all domains of your life stacks to accelerate spiritual consciousness, non-dual awareness, and the ability to embody your highest calling and principles.

Impact = Joy

Learn how you and your business can begin to serve your community and make an impact on underserved communities using your existing resources, skills, and platform.

State Elicitation

Anchor your new experience in physically and feel it in every cell, your heart, and your entire body to reset your default states

Coherence Theory

Learn the foundational principles of accelerated coherence and light a wildfire of personal transformation in every area of your life: increased self-resiliency, deepened relational connections, clarity of purpose, enhanced productivity, and greater balance.

Social & Emotional Intelligence Training

Improve emotional IQ, self-awareness, and social awareness to improve your relationships, confidence, and efficacy in achieving your goals in business, career, and life.

Peak Experience + Psychedelic Integration


We support peak experience integration and offer psychedelic integration therapy and spiritual integration coaching and therapy.


We partner with industry pioneers to support your journey down the rabbit hole.

We facilitate non-psychedelic practices to foster peak experiences, non-dual consciousness, and non-ordinary states of consciousness for those craving a more natural approach to spiritual awakening and integration.

Vision Actualization

Research proven practices that help you actualize a new inner state and way of being, making your inner and outer goals a reality

Mindset Reset, Reprogramming, & Mastery

Reprogram your thinking: your beliefs create your reality

Remove unconscious roadblocks and self-limiting core beliefs

Target and transform irrational thoughts and gain mastery over your mind

New Behavior Generator

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis allow you to replace behaviors, habitual ways of being, and emotions to embody your desired states, let go of inhibition, and experience freedom of expression, playfulness, and authenticity

Business & Marketing Coaching

Learn SEO and content marketing skills that will make your business skyrocket

Explore what your business roadblocks are mirroring in you and remove unconscious roadblocks so that you can achieve your goals and make your mark on the world

Learn the magic of automation and delegation to leverage your time and accomplish more than you could imagine

Streamline your systems to reduce redundancies so you can grow

Empowered Communication

Sharpen your communication skills to improve your relationships, empower yourself, and meet your business goals Uplevel your emotional IQ, social intelligence, and self-awareness

Self-Reverence, Self-Healing, & Empowerment

Experiential practices to cultivate self-compassion, self-worth, and self-empowerment

Learn to create safety within so you can push beyond your comfort zone, express yourself more fully, and feel empowered relationally, internally, behaviorally, and in your career, higher purpose, and impact. learn more at Anatha.io.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Integrity and Truth:

Integrity means wholeness across all domains in life. Integrity optimizes, expands, and accelerates behavioral, self, missional, and relational transformation. Truth is freedom.

Meaning and Joy:

Listen to, follow, and surrender to your energy: When you feel most alive, engaged, and energized, and when you experience a sense of deep meaning, you know you’re exactly where you need to be and living your highest purpose, calling, and values.

When you feel deflated, overwrought, and unmotivated, this is your bodily wisdom sending a message to yourself that you need to realign, whether to slow down, switch your aim, or challenge yourself.


Deep connections with others amplify our meaning, vitality and well-being. We learn skills for deepening our relational connections, heal what gets in the way, and provide a community of soulful, impact-driven people.


Capacity to implement and actualize your vision and make a meaningful and enduring impact on the world.


Freedom to express yourself and paint the life you envision relationally, behaviorally, spiritually, emotionally, and missionally.


Awaken to the beauty of each moment through attention and love as well as immersive experiences, curating beautiful spaces and environments, and experiential exercises and practices. Incorporating music, movement, meditation, and spiritual practices


Embodying unconditional love for self and others


Exercises to release inhibition and allow silliness, humor, and exuberant connections