Coherence Theory

Coherence Theory

Coherence Theory is a methodology that blends ancient wisdom with cutting-edge neuroscience research, optimal psychology interventions, and research-proven peak performance modalities to bring a sense of deep integrity, meaning, and joy to every area of our lives: self, relational, missional, and behavioral. 

Coherence is a state of deep resiliency, integrity, courage, and empowerment across all domains in our lives: self, relational, behavioral, and missional. The combinatory power of Coherence stacks across the various domains of our lives to create accelerated transformation, ushering in new states of consciousness and aptitudes beyond what is ordinarily possible. 

This personal transformation methodology identifies the foundational principles for creating Coherence––a state of meaning, vitality, and integrity––across the major domains of life. Coherence Theory identifies the foundational principles of each of these areas and how they stack together to create accelerated personal transformation and self-discovery.

This allows us to laser in on the foundational issues needing repair and systematically rebuild the structure from the ground up. 

Coherence is fractal. “Fractal Coherence” means that our highest values and ideals are embodied in every element of our daily lives. When we are in this state of Fractal Coherence, even our daily tasks map onto our highest ideals seamlessly so that there is no daylight between how we are spending our time, who we want to be, and the higher good we want to accomplish in the world. 

Acceleration is the state that arises when more than one domain of Coherence compounds to advance gains in multiple domains simultaneously. Acceleration is a state of awareness in which our capacities surpass what we previously believed was possible, and as a result of brings all other domains of our lives into greater Coherence. 

In this state, we no longer experience problems as obstacles outside of us but rather we see every circumstantial impediment as an opportunity to expand our awareness and deepen our inner capacities for love, acceptance, freedom, and strength. 

Coherence Theory posits that states of acceleration reliably arise from the combinatory power of creating Coherence across various domains of life, leading to accelerated growth and change as each domain stacks to up-level each other domain. Thus, Coherence in one domain also accelerates transformation in all other domains. This creates a self-reinforcing feedback loop in which each principle serves to reinforce coherence and acceleration transformation across all domains in life. 

The four major domains of Coherence are: self, relationships, purpose, and behavior.

The Four Domains of Coherence


Self-Coherence is the foundational domain upon which all other domains rest. The core principles of Self-Coherence are: accepting pain, facing fear, honoring emotions, and trusting intuition. As we embrace each of these principles in combination with one another, we begin to live lives of greater surrender, healing, self-sufficiency, and adventure. These principles stack and the ultimate result is to forge a more courageous and resilient self. 

Relational Coherence

Relational Coherence is a natural extension of Self-Coherence. The principles of Relational Coherence are mutual value, honesty, acceptance, and understanding. When relationships are characterized by these principles, respect, compassion, validation, and emotional connection emerge organically. Trust and love are the deepest manifestations of Relational Coherence.

Behavioral Coherence

Behavioral Coherence is comprised of productivity, rest, play, and self-care. As we embody these principles behaviorally, we develop artistry and creativity, improve our health, and ultimately discover an optimal state of balance and passion.

Missional Coherence

We discover Missional Coherence when our skills and passions align with what we find meaningful and how we are spending our time vocationally. These principles naturally lead to advancement, motivation, fulfillment, and meaning. Missional Coherence means we are living out our life’s mission and highest purpose, embodying our ideals. This usually means our careers and our life’s mission are one and the same and that we can create financial abundance while simultaneously making a huge impact on the world.  Missional Coherence is the North Star toward which we aim every area of our lives. As we do so, everything in our lives enters a state of flow and begins to line up to serve this higher aim. We experience synchronicities and a state of full-stack alignment and integrity, from top to bottom. That is, our day to day actions are all pointed at our life’s purpose and North Star, which draws every part of our lives into greater Coherence and ultimately stacks to create acceleration.