My Truest North

Integrity. Awakening. Impact.

Find the magic. Change the world. 

"Don't be discouraged by the ordinary limitations of rational thought. The impossible is happening all around us."

-Brooke Sprowl

Who we are.

We are industry leaders in business leadership, self-transformation, and regenerative systems design. We curate luxury, transformational retreat experiences along with a suite of personal and professional coaching, therapy, and consulting services to help mission-driven leaders deepen their personal integrity, awaken to their calling, and expand their impact on the world. 

Highlighted Services

Our approach to coaching, consulting, and therapy is holistic, regenerative, and empowerment-focused. We believe it is imperative to bring every area of our lives into deep integrity, balance, and wholeness to experience enduring personal, organizational, and spiritual transformation.

 Business & Peak Performance Coaching

Therapy for Entrepreneurs, Partners, & Teams

Regenerative Business Systems Consulting

Connect with a community of high performers who are changing the world.

Join our network of elite mission-driven leaders and impact entrepreneurs on the path of self-discovery and higher purpose.

Our Transformational Retreat Experiences

Our transformational retreats offer luxury accommodations, industry-leading facilitators, and cross-disciplinary practices from a variety of psychological and spiritual traditions. 

Experiential & Somatic 

Our retreats are designed to give you an experience of a new way of being that is in alignment with your highest possibilities, deepest values, and unique expression. This is done through the curation of experiential sessions that allow you to bypass ordinary consciousness and enter into a more open, free, and transcendent way of being. As you practice this new way of being, like muscle memory, you increasingly begin to embody it in your daily life.

Impact & Awakening Focused

We believe awakening is our birthright and spirituality is integral to our ability to live out our unique destinies and greatest potentialities as individuals in services of collective social and systemic change. We believe that individual and societal awakening are inextricably interwoven and that as we bring our individual lives into integrity, our relationships, organizations, and societies are gradually drawn into integrity and awakened consciousness as well. 

Cross-Disciplinary & Integrative

We draw from a broad swathe of research-based, transformative methods and best practices across our respective industries including flow neuroscience, trauma-informed therapy practices, optimal psychology, and regenerative systems design. We use a whole-life model of transformation, designed to bring each domain of our lives into integrity, balance, and wholeness: individual, behavioral, relational, missional, and spiritual.

Our Upcoming Retreat

Integrity as Awakening: The Magic of Personal & Collective Emergence

Join our luxury, transformational retreat experience at the world renowned Blue Spirit Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Our Core Values


Integrity is the foundation of all genuine individual and collective transformation. Our individual and organizational lives must reflect our deeper values and higher purpose to affect enduring change.


As we bring each area of our lives into integrity, balance, and wholeness, awakening is the natural result. As we awaken, we begin to see that our individual and collective well-being are inextricably tied together.


Impact inevitably follows from individuals and organizations leading from integrity and awakened consciousness. This is the basis of all meaningful societal, cultural, and systemic transformation.

Our methods.

We synthesize research-based, cross-disciplinary methods and best practices backed by 15 years of experience in our respective industries. 




Discover your truest north.

Integrity is awakening.

Spiritual awakening is an emergent property of integrity. As we bring each area of our lives––individual, relational, missional, and behavioral–– into integrity, balance, and wholeness, higher states of consciousness such as flow states, mystical experiences, and non-dual awareness naturally emerge.

Do Good Better:
Effective Altruism

Did you know that your donations can go 10,000x as far in impact based on which charities you give to? Learn how you can make the biggest impact on the world, not only with your money, but with your skills and resources.

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Further. Faster. Deeper.

Our ability to reach our goals and make an impact on the world is only as strong as our foundational integrity and character. By investing in character and integrity, we yield compounding gains in our ability to further our impact, accelerate our awakening, and deepen our awareness.


Dream HUGE. Let’s end global poverty.

Eradicating global poverty is no longer a pipe dream. For the first time in history, we have the resources and technology for everyone to flourish.

If every person above the poverty line gave 1% of their income to research-based, effective charities, poverty would be a thing of the past.